What is Word Press?

Are you interested in creating a website?

Do you want your website to be an interactive type of website rather than a static or passive website?

Dynamic or Passive?

Do you want to post blog posts on a regular basis?

Do you want to make money out of your blog site?

You don’t know to code and still want to create a blog site quickly?

What is Word press?what-is-word-press

Well, Word press is a software that allows you to create a website or blog and upload it on the internet.

Word press accounts for more than 32% of websites or blog sites hosted on the internet. Also known as

the CMS (Content Management System), CMS is the most popular website or blog publishing platform.

Content marketers love this popular tool.

Word press is a free tool and it is open-source software with thousands of

software engineers working on it to keep updating it and make it better for the users and optimizing it for the search engines.

Word press has more than 11000 themes for you to choose from. Themes are ready-to-use templates that

determine the way your website looks. You can change the fonts, font sizes, upload images, and videos to your website.

There are more than 55000 plugins and widgets that improve the functionality of your blog site and help

you optimize it for your users and search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Word press is easy to use and you can work online to create your own

website from anywhere in the world.

How to work on Word press?how-to-work-on-word-press

Earlier on to make a website you had to use HTML or PHP format but with the

advent of Word press in 2003, it has become much easier as Word press does

that for you and you don’t have to know coding to create a website.

When you are attempting to create your website there are two options:

1. wordpress.com

2. wordpress.org

WordPress.com is a free version with hosting provided by word press but there are several downsides to it:

1. Word press reserves the right to delete your website without assigning any reason for doing so.

2. You can’t place ads to make money out of your website

3. You can’t add any plugins to improve the functionality of your blog site

4. You have to make do with limited themes, you can’t upload a customizable theme of your choice.

5. You don’t own the domain name and the domain is hosted for free on WordPress servers

How to Make Website in WordPress.org?how-to-make-website-in-word-press

You may be on the lookout to create your own website with your own domain name and self-hosted. In that case, the best option is to go for wordpress.org and download their free software.

The advantages are:

1. You have your own domain name which can be be purchased from any vendor at an affordable price.

2. There are thousands of plugins and widgets that you can choose to add to your site

3. To make money you can place ads- Google AdSense, affiliate ads, etc.

4. You can customize the site the way you want to

5. You can create your own e-commerce webstore

If you are wondering how to create a self-hosted website on WordPress or what is WordPress hosting, WordPress.org will provide all the answers.

How to use word press?

Creating a word press website requires you to:

# Choose a domain name

# Register the domain name

# Buy a hosting plan

# Point your domain name to the hosting server

# How to install word press

# Make changes to your word press site by selecting a theme

# Add plugins and widgets to optimize the functionality of your website

# Use the theme and plugins to design your website

# Post your articles or blog posts, and

# Publish post

If you’re a beginner this may sound intimidating, so let’s break down the entire process into 3 easy steps:

1. Launch your word press website locally on your computer- This will help you try and test out word press and its features before you go live. All your files will be stored on your computer. You can experiment and learn free of cost before you create a live website by following the steps listed above. To do that here are the two steps explained so well by Subhang Mishra on his youtube video:

# Download a software called Bitnami word press

# Install Bitnami word press on your computer

The video will teach you how to access your word press site and login correctly.

2. How to move word press website from local server to live website

# Set up a new word press site on a web host

# How to install word press on your hosting account

# Migration of content from local site to live website

The migration involves installing a plugin on both sites, exporting the contents of the local site into a file, and importing that file into our live website.

Do you want a detailed explanation video? Subhang Mishra explains here

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For a beginner, the following questions are bound to arise again and again:
# What is word press site?
# What is meant by word press?
# What is the use of word press?
Not to worry, the questions, the doubts, the urge to give up are common but not difficult to overcome. Persevere and work hard. The awkwardness will vanish as you pick up experience and are able to overcome your issues and problems.

Just don’t give up.

How to make website in word press?

This article is an attempt to ease the journey of a beginner to digital marketing, blogging, and the software called word press. There are a few mentors who realize the needs of aspiring digital marketers and content marketers, and have come up with cashback internship programs. Register with the best and scale up quickly

Quite simply, it is the most popular content management system. It is a preferred content marketing tool also.

The internet is full of information about word press. If you are a beginner the information can be very overwhelming and you may feel the learning curve is too steep.

Do not worry about the results or the money that you want to earn instantly.
Please get that wrong notion out of your mind.

Monetizing a word press website takes effort and time but once you get to understand the process by diligently following the steps, you’ll find yourself gaining momentum and progressing faster.

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