How to earn by blogging in India, working from home in 2020?

It was the year 2010. I was having a lot of spare time, as I was idle and in between jobs.

I had access to an old desktop computer and I had a broadband internet connection which was steady at best. I had just begun exploring the possibilities of how to make money from blogging. Although my global search fetched results, when I searched how to earn by blogging in India, there were hardly any results.

Using my MS-Word, I started writing 250-word posts for content mills.

Content mills are sites that source writing work from native English speakers and give it to ghostwriters like me.

The challenge was to come up with a 500-word article in 3 hours or less and write like a native English speaker.

Spellings had to be correct and there was no compromise on grammar and syntax.

There were rejections galore and it was a struggle to maintain my ratings as a proactive, prompt, and reliable online writer.

What Is Blogging?

This was the time I was fascinated by a blogging platform called BlogSpot which is now known as BlogSpot helped me understand how blogging works.

I felt it was more user friendly than MS-Word and I used to enjoy the blogging features in BlogSpot like images, videos, hyperlinks, etc.

As a ghostwriter I felt like an anonymous writer and the lack of identity was a dampener. I managed to impress the native English speakers and made more than 100 US Dollars paid through PayPal.

I used to maintain a few BlogSpot blogs with different Gmail ids and write on random topics. There were practically no visitors and it became tedious and tiresome after some time.

I had heard of affiliate marketing and affiliate-market platforms such as Clickbank and Commission Junction but there was very little or no affiliate marketing in India.

I had no way of reaching the affiliate product buying audience in the UK, US, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Then I got a job and blogging was pushed to the background as I started struggling for survival in mundane, low paying jobs.
How Blogging Works- The Covid-19 Disruption

I had given up hope of ever blogging again when suddenly, earlier this year the Covid-19 pandemic struck and disrupted life globally.

Forced to stay indoors, I became idle and a month later the monthly salary had stopped coming. This was when I turned back to explore ways of making money online by digital marketing.

Blogging was suddenly the focus of my attention as I also discovered that many dynamic entrepreneurs in India were making money by regularly posting blogs on their blog sites (mostly word press websites) and thriving on affiliate income.

I went about purchasing a domain, hosting and looking for guidance to re-start my search on how to earn from blogging.

The Covid-19 pandemic has ensured a global economic slowdown and suddenly people have lost jobs, people are working on reduced salaries, and the future is looking rather grim.

Those who are looking at positive options suddenly realize that digital marketing, how to do blogging, how to learn blogging, what is guest blogging, and how to earn from blogging are very attractive and viable options for even those who know very little about content marketing.

Let’s look at how to create a blog site. As I mentioned earlier, you have to purchase a domain name first.

There are a host of vendors like GoDaddy, Hostgator, Name cheap, Hostinger, Wpx. etc. who are pricing the domain names at competitive prices so that you can purchase a domain for about Rs 500 on an average for one whole year. The hosting is not expensive either as for an amount between 50-100 USD you can purchase shared hosting for a year and get started promptly.

How to start blogging and earn money?

Take up a conversational tone and join in on the conversation going on in the minds of people around you:


Working professionals



Unemployed graduates

Self- employed people


Instead of starting a conversation, your blog post should sincerely attempt to join a conversation and raise the pain points that are causing worry and anxiety by asking questions. These questions will resonate within most of the demographics mentioned above.

You can suggest the best courses that are available for people to learn and get started. There are vendors offering free digital marketing courses.

There are those who are offering internship programs with cashback, bonuses, certificates, and incentives.

Also available are affiliate options where you can promote and market affiliate products and write blog posts with affiliate links.


How Blogging Works

Once you start getting a decent volume of visitor traffic to your blog site, you can monetize your blog by quite a few methods. Listed below are a few of them:

Ads Display

You have to apply for a Google AdSense account and host Google ads on your blog posts and pages. Since you already have a decent volume of visitors coming to your blog, the visitors from US, UK, Europe, and Middle East are likely to click on the display ads.

All you need to do is to add value by posting relevant content on a consistent basis day after day, and week after week. The revenue will be in cents and a few dollars as visitors click on these ads.

Just make sure you don’t add your affiliate links on these pages as affiliate product purchases will fetch you hefty commissions in USD


If you are skilled enough to offer your services as a SEO expert, Social media expert, blogger, content writer, copy writer, etc. you can create a separate tag to hire out your services to those who visit your blog site and are interested.

If you are registered with Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer you can advertise your services on your blog site.

Affiliate Marketing
There are plenty of vendors worldwide who are dependent on bloggers to apply for their affiliate products.

After obtaining affiliate links you can proceed to promote and market the affiliate links in your blog posts, reviewing, highlighting the features, and listed form of posts to influence the readers in deciding to buy the products using your affiliate products. You can also create short instructional videos on how to use the products

Then there are affiliate marketing platforms like Click bank, Commission Junction, Amazon, etc. who have a lot of digital and physical products that you can promote on your blog site.


Once you get used to promoting others’ products you create your own information products like e-books and sell them.

How to reduce weight without exercising and going on crash diets

How to breathe properly and overcome stress

How to develop a Covid- 19 resistant diet

How to excel at word press…

could be the topics where you can create a detailed, informative, and factually correct e-book and sell it to your readers.

What is Guest Blogging what-is-guest-blogging

Bloggers looking for back links to their blogs usually offer to write guest posts on your blog.  Guest posts will enhance visitor volume and add value to your blog.

Any affiliate links on their posts can have links that expire in say, 3 months after which they have to renew by paying you a pre-agreed every month. Sponsored posts will enhance your recurring revenue every month.

Build Your List

Blogs should be used to cater to your email subscribers and serve them content on a regular basis. If you are launching a new product, you can prepare the ground by sending out survey forms filled with a questionnaire to find the needs, aspirations, and pain points so that you can announce a webinar and upsell your own products or those of other vendors.

For example, if you have built your email list by promoting a free digital marketing course or a cashback internship program, you can announce a webinar where you can present an advanced level, a paid course in digital marketing which will take them from intermediate level to advanced or expert levels.

Since you have taken the time and effort to build trust your email subscribers will not require much persuasion or hardcore selling to buy your products.

Announce Webinars

Since you are posting regularly and monitoring the responses, feedback, and comments, you can also schedule online webinars to launch a product or service and build up the expectation as the launch date approaches.

You can get registrations

free and paid, by offering free e-books on popular topics created by you or given to you with re-sell rights.

Conclusion- How to learn blogging? how-to-earn-by-blogging
So, the pandemic is not all gloomy and miserable.
This is the rare opportunity for you to take stock of the situation and search out the best mentors who are on a mission to teach people how to make money blogging for beginners.

There is the proverbial silver line in the digital marketing and blogging opportunities that have thrown up new and exciting opportunities and avenues of how to start blogging and earn money, working from home. Click here to access the best internship program from DigitalDeepak with 100% cashback, bonus, and incentives to learn how to make money blogging and earn money

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